Icethunder.net is a free Blog provided by me, the Icethunder.net :) . I would like to share with You [my readers] my knowledge of web hosting and my experience.

I do not state, that I am the smartest guy in the room, but you can still learn something from me and maybe we will learn something from one another .

Over the last few months I came to the conclusion, that I would like to see a service [or a web site] where people would respect, that not everyone knows everything and so asking stupid questions is not bad if you are a newbie into the specific field and instead of calling you an “idiot” and telling you to “look on the internet on your own” I would like to try to help you with small pieces of advice in my articles. I would be very happy if you would leave your comments below each article and you are invited to ask questions trough mail, social networks and this web site’s comments sections!

The content on this blog:

  • Web hosting tutorials
  • Domain names explained
  • Web hosting reviews and critique
  • News from the world of web hosting [special offers, downtime news and more]

…and all this will be provided for free!

Basic principles [Why to trust Icethunder.net]:

  • I am not an affiliate with any hosting company
  • I am not connected in any way with any hosting company
  • Icethunder.net will never provide fake reviews [e.g. paid reviews by hosting companies ]
  • Icethunder generates it’s revenue from Google’s Adsense and similar Ad companies/networks and it’s not directly supported, run or funded by any hosting company
  • Icethunder.net will only publish reviews of hosts he has been with/ tested for more than 3 and more months!