My time at 1and1 -The ultimate 1and1 review

With this first article I would like to start a new category. It will be a part of the “hosting category”, but in this one I would like to include my personal reviews of hosting companies I have been a customer. I will not write about companies I have not been a customer, as do many other “compare sites”, “best hosting blogs/sites” and etc.

In this first series of articles I will talk and write about my experience with  Many of you may read a whole bunch of reviews about this web host. There are tons of forum posts talking about their bad experience with And as there are tons of bad reviews and posts, there are also tons of good reviews [but not forum posts...], too.

I have been with 1and1 since 2007 and I can not say anything really bad about this company. As I mention in my “introduction to web hosting” & “web hosting” categories [the first one will be a remake and fresh start of the later one...] anytime you decide to buy a plan from a company you should read it’s Terms of Use/Fair Use Policy/Service Level Agreement or whatever the company calls them!!! I have done it and, more importantly, I have decided to play according to the rules – meaning I know what I can use and what’s a no-no!

After two years with I have decided to switch hosts for 2010 and so I did. I can not say, that I have been unsatisfied at 1and1. I did get what I paid for, but the reason why I have chosen 1and1 two years ago [their great price and sale] has diminished over the time and I have decided to go with a company clearly stating how much bandwidth, space etc. you are entitled to use.

During the whole time at 1and1 I did have only 3 issues and none of them has been unanswered. Although there was no real time 1and1 chat with Tech Support available at 1and1, their email support has been good, too. The issues have been resolved quickly and the fact, that I have been from Europe and they are a USA based company did not play a big role.

I understand, that many of you might feel bad about this host. Especially after you read so many bad forum posts on the Internet, but you must understand, that there is a tough competition on the hosting market and many of the reviews, posts and opinions are sometimes fake. Many of them are true. And many of them are just misunderstandings and the inability and unwillingness of humans to understand the other side.

Feel free to leave your comments under each article. You can express your own experience with 1and1 or ask anything you would like to know about this web host! Have a nice day.

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