Social Websites & Contact can be found on Youtube. I try to add all the interesting videos related to VPS configuration or Linux in general to my playlists. Feel free to contact me trough Youtube, Subscribe or comment [no spamming] Just click on the image below to get directly to my profile


I am using Twitter [the micro-blogging] platform a lot to just Tweet about anything interesting relating to web hosting, VPS configuration or domain names. You can add me, re-tweet my tweets or follow my stream Just click on the icon bellow to get directly to my profile.


Flickr is a photo sharing website and I tend to use it for uploading photos of things I encounter on my way trough web hosting. It was not used much, but should see it’s big comeback in the next couple of months as I am just amazed how many bugs are there out in the wild on web hosting pages You can get to my profile by clicking on the icon below.


From time to time I stumble upon some interesting web site and it gets automatically to my Stumbleupon profile so you all know what’s new and interesting on the Internet. My StumbleUpon profile can be found at the link below Just click on the image!


I am even on the blog searching engine Check the link below to get right there:


You can contatc me at It’s a very good web hosting related forum. It’s full of reviews, tips, how-to’s and people who are willing to help you out. My username is icethundernet


This is a more serious and standard way of getting in touch with me. You can email your questions related to:

  • this blog,
  • web hosting,
  • web hosting related problems,
  • VPS questions,
  • etc.

directly to my email account to admin(at), but do not forget to use a proper SUBJECT, else your email might be discarded without notice.


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