The review

Well, I have been used to use many different low standard control panels during my stay at free web hosting companies and thus the change to 1and1 control panel has been a great one. But another change came when I chose to move to as they are using yet another hosting control panel. The good thing about this move has been the fact they are using the industry standard and most widely used cotrol panel named Cpanel.

I had to learn many things once again, but after  a couple of days i was as efficient in the Cpanel as I used to be in the previous one. The one thing that bothers my with Cpanel that it just creates add-on domains as sub-domains of my main domain … but this is not related to Hawkhost but to Cpanel in general …

Hawkhost used Fantastico for script installation, but I have never really used it for a production web site as I like to configure things myself. There was a talk at the forum that they will add Softaculous [another auto installer] to make the life of their customers a little bit better.

I think there is not much more I can say about Cpanel as it is a pretty standard piece of software and does not differ between web hosts. If you will come to Hawkhost from another Cpanel based web hosting company you will have no trouble

Hawkhost client control panel

The Cpanel is for your web site management and has nothing to do with your actual account management. Hawkhost uses yet another control panel to manage the client’s data like e.g. another package orders, client information and more. Maybe it was only my misunderstanding how it works, but I was not able to use whatever password I wanted for my Cpanel and had to use one without special characters as it never really worked with special characters. This has been only a minor problem for me, but one to remember into the future as many more hosting companies can use the same panel and thus I know there are some limits in this area

If you want to order another package, or cancel your current one don’t forget the way to do it. You have to log in to the control panel, choose the right package and choose when you want to cancel it. This is pretty important as it can differ [sometimes very much] between web hosting companies.

Control panel conclusion

The account management and web site management part of my web hosting stay at Hawhost has been pretty OK. At the end I really liked the Cpanel and even Hawkhost client control panel. If you have any kind of problem try to search their forum as there you can find some useful info and another option is to contact the support.

Have a nice day and see you next time!