The VPS review

Although I am using only for my VPN [proxy and some testing] needs I can not say anything bad about their service. The server and service is up when I need it and that’s important. I can imagine someone with a critical server might be disrupted by the reboots which happened to me, but they were only occasional and maybe limited to the node I have been on.

About the technology used is using OpenVZ technology and this might be the core of the problem why I have not been able to get over 70 days of server uptime as this technology is only a software layer virtualization and not a Xen like technology I like more. The sever might need to a reboot and thus the common reboots.

One thing to note about VPS is they are providing you with stats proving they are not overselling their servers. It is a nice thing to check before actual sign up as not many hosts do this.

I can say I recommend to anyone who wants a stable unmanaged VPS server for a low price with very good up-time and support even though it is not managed. I have not encountered any huge problems during my 6 month stay with them whatsoever.


One thing to note here, is that most of the time they are out of stock thus you need to act fast when you see a free package available – it might go away pretty quickly! Their pricing is very good, and the plans are build accordingly.

+Fast VPS provisioning
+price/value ratio
+support despite being unmanaged

-3 reboots in 3 months

Hopefully this review has helped some of you to make your decision. As I always add  – read some more reviews to get the big picture Have a nice day and see you next time at I will some pictures from tommorow as it is already noght in Slovakia. Have a nice day or evening