Using free DNS from

There have been so many things I had to do in the last couple of days, but the experience I gained is of great value. And all what happened only proved, that if you do something yourself you do not waste time [although it might look so], but it is just the opposite. You get lots of in return. You get experience no one else can take from you. You are able to solve similar problems and tasks in the future just because you have the KNOW HOW!!! And this is just great.

One of the good things I learned in the recent days is linked to one new VPS project where I just needed to figure a way how not host all the servers by the client. I wanted to “out-source” some of the tasks [servers in fact] and one of them was the DNS server. I think you already know, that you need DNS servers to find the right way to a web site.

A DNS server is like the yellow pages. It links IP addresses [computer use them] to domain names [human understand them] and vice versa. And i think you know, that there are two options. You can host your own DNS server or you can use a service of a third party. If your registrar does not offer you DNS management and hosting there are many services on the Internet to help you out. you just need to make the decision if you want to pay for the service or you are looking for a free service.


Finnally I went trough many DNS offering services, but I have chosen the offer of NAMECHEAP.COM. The reason why I have chosen their service and not [DynoDNS, Zoneedit etc.] are those:

  • A reputable domain registrar
  • They offer their FREE DNS even to domains not registered by them! [a big plus]
  • They have an easy interface and offer very good HELP FILES
  • Everything is under one hood

I do not say you should run and use, but they are a very good choice. I will come back later and tell you how satisfied am I  after 6 months. Until then you should know, that you do not have to pay for DNS hosting as there are always free or cheap alternatives.

You could of course host your own DNS server, but it adds more overhead and it costs money and server resources. And one very important thing is the pure fact, that it is a security vulnerability you need to look after if you host your web site at the same server

Have a nice and sunny day! See you next time at